Sunday, January 25, 2015

Canto 15 - Darwin, Kimura, Watson, Crick, Wilkkins, Weise, Maroulis


Darwin, Darwin!
How  much do we know about you?
How much to me now about variation under  domestication?
 what causes of variability and effects of habit can
 be ascertained from this in detail?
 what course had the Chagas disease,
 which slowly took his life,  unto a deep sleep?
 to explain to him how the cuckoo part  ways with the dove,
 and how the Hummingbird would listen intently
 as the red warbler  watch the blowing ends of the space?
 how the the flamingo knon what is in store for it?
 or the Wren  know what will happen to it?
 will it be killed by the owl?
 the Kingfisher will snatch a fish,
 wall the parakeet watches on a difference in branch,
 and who is to say that this is not the way of the world?
 that this is not the way that natural selection has been the
main but not the exclusive means of modification.

 what moves the thoughts of the chimpanzee,
 who's had is like our own
 and makes them different from the Jaguars,
 as it spies on Ibex on its  path.
 and what does the elephant think,
 knowing that it causes the same reflection in its mind?
 and who is to say that even the cattle knew a great deal more than reptiles could imagine.
  is it possible that the porcupine  know  more
 as it whispers to its young,  forming a crude but real culture?
 and what of the dormouse who eats a  nut gall,
 while keeping its thoughts in a darkened brain.
 it is still a mystery how a mammal would take to the skies,
 when all of the birds are there.
 or take to the seas,  and fight with fishes and reptiles there.
 it makes one wonder many things,
 that the giraffe sees in its midst.
 a wonder natural and all.


Motoo Kimura sat Scribbling  scribbling at his desk,
finding equations that made no sense
Until at last  it was finally understood,
that he was right,  and we were wrong.
that is the way it proceeds with every form of science,
almost every time one person was right,
and the rest were blindingly wrong.
that was Motoo's  probably as well,
he elucidated the neutral allele theory as best he could,
and still people do not what he said.


Watson and Crick,  and the woman who was never named,
the three who invented DNA,
a masterpiece of integration and interpretation,
two of them worked on a model,
and stole from rules Roseland the parts that they could not figure to,
and this day she remains in their shed.
Maurice,  how does this happen to us?
To Crick,  Watson,  and the woman who was never named.
Maurice Wilkins where did you go?


He was old father is William,  and  increasingly inclined to be stout
yet when he was asked to be married,  he could with a wink and a nod,
show that animals and plants had cross referenced when they were
long sensed converged,  how pray tell did they manage that?
that was the question of Weose  and others that prayed on their imagination,
and ate  up there time knowing that there was something amiss.
a three domain system covering archaeabacteria, and eukaryote.
this to and 1967,  as was Motoo Kimura revolution in the structure of alleles.
It is no longer a "10,000 species of birds",
it is more important than even Darwin could do.
phylogenetically  domain species.


Lalalala what is wrong with her eyes
Yet nothing was an illusion in her,
no no no nothing could worse
nothing could be worse, Lynn.

Maybe On the Origin of Mitosing Cells
and if there is some  organelle with 
ribosomes, displaying  organic perfection,
glaucophyte algae chysowawawawa
up from down beneath below
liting up the stars,
it does take a problem to see that
synechococcus and the air was filled with flying birds.