Wednesday, January 7, 2015

String Quartet #2 - V Fugue

Canto 9 - Rushdie

Canto 9Canto 9Canto 9Canto
Is it canto 9, or 9Canto, or does it linger, does it wonder,
does it waiver and then Sheen to become a dust,
like all that is forgotten before
drenched like a half devoured cherry candy,
not chocolate, but candy, and there is a difference.

A difference that will remind you of nothing else that you know,
as you trance away the malafuchsias and sethahythm,
and all the names that you talk to buy yourself,
knowing that they have no meaning to anyone, but deep inside of you.
That is language burning in the night,
so taught and tired, that you could not ever have anything else,
but whispers in the night from words you don't understand,
because they are words in misremembered tome,
and will only become light when you form the words and speak
in a tongue which never was before,
though time will pass by and make it old.

Remember how many times Tolkien re-created.
Because it was the sound that drew him to Iluvatar,
which was have remembered, half forgotten.
As with Ezra Pound, whose syllables declaimed Chinese,
and then he claimed koine, as if they were the same language,
even though the New Testament was spoken differently than the old text,
of the truest Agamemnon before they had forgotten,
the letters they had learned from a people that we do not know the language of.

Elune vari ameratha evoissi ewa
a line which has no meaning until it was typed,
and then in a flash was old before it was young.
It has the sound of the sea,
but it is not the same thing as the Greek, let alone a specific kind,
such as koine, which was a common tongue spoken by almost no one,
but understood by all, who listened for it and repeated.

Aluve vere amera.
The world is ever-changing,
I made up that sentence 25 years ago, as if to command,
the powers of vessels, which went from ship to shore,
along a map, that was only different than real,
because it had no resilience but letters on the page.
It had crisps and coasts, that the Islanders from the age,
would not know what was real and what was false.
Though they would say that they didn't know the tongue.
It was unfamiliar to them, and thus it was alien,
and they would be afraid of listening to it, and absorbing the words-
which until this moment had no meaning.
Not like Sanskrit - which does not come easily - or Hangul,
-  a language which I am trying to learn -
which were letters and words before they even settled downs
to form a language.


Not say much an immig and an emig runt
said Lucius Apuleius of something unpronounceable
from some effect here from India,,
salmon Rushdie I think was his name.
It was a sham of course, no one would have such a name,
but the one who owned, and the one parody of it,
and who knew which was which and whom was Whom?
And feel great the Archangel specified,
the manner in which so that salmon the Persian man should be.
how is property show be divided
God was that sound so much like a businessman.

The official version of what followed,
and the one accepted by all the news media,
was that killed Brio Pes remarked to his protégé in a audible tone of voice
ci to head been lifted out of the danger area,
could anyone make up this stuff but a parody,
of a purity himself?

Ask him, for he is out of hiding,
and a good thing to, if you ask my parodied self.

He was hovering high over London,
punctuating each character with at least two syllables
Haha, they could not touch him now,
the dreaded Devils rushing on him in that pandemonium,
looked down upon the city and saw the English.
Again with the double punctuation that Salmon Rushdie preferred,
living under water most of the year,
in days they called colour -
note that color is spelled colour,
as was the custom in British speaking lands,
Well, - ! he was here now the great transformer,
and this time there'd be some changes made -
the laws of nature are the laws of its transformation,
you'll notice that these back to one punctuation,
he should've made more punctuation then he did.
But this is a great book and you should read all of it,
but it's even better backwards,
it catches the flavor more.

Let observed, first, how isolated this Saladin is:
his only willing companion and inebriated and
hard technologically blossomed stranger,
what choice of words, was it really worth it?
To write such words and then to fade ,
or was it really a trick of various and furious imagination?
Who can say?
Only the people who are not meant to say at all what happened.


 how hollow it seems to be piled with books,
 each one celebrated both in its time,
 and when the person is dead.

 what does it mean to be praised after death,
 you will not care.
 its not like someone will say
 good ild  to you. and the peaks paper.  bullocksfriending
 the Gaelic league wants something in Irish.

 but Ireland is a country filled with bugs, 
 and thus something in Irish Gaelic will be filled with them to.
 whether it's about Moses of Egypt,  Moses Maimonides,  or Moses Mendelssohn.

 this ceremony which went off with great eclat,
 and affluent cordiality in illuminated characteristic 
by the most affecting scroll of ancient Irish vellum

 rather in a quandary tone over.


Canto 9Canto 9Canto 9Canto

.I can say that that is all that Canto nine could say.