Monday, August 25, 2014

Wind Quintet - to MJ Kim

Sometimes it is a composer's  dedication,  and sometimes it is a to be  remember for that instance time,  sometimes it is for a friend. Sometimes it is finally tell someone that you are grateful that they,  and they alone,  are truly one that you did not know were truly  there. This dedication is the last of these.  she has been there for me,  through thick and thin.  if i am to gain some measure of fame,  it will be no small part through her efforts.

There are three parts to this piece of music,  one of them is here,  Tt can only be described as an allegro pastorale,  among many that i have written before,  each one different,  in that each one of them is of different style.  It is in the mode  of early modern,  in the mode of Aaron  Copland,  featuring a fluid kind of tonality and harmony.  The next piece  is more gentle,  and rest on a single note.  finally the third movement  is a quick movement on two notes.  has said the modern is the theme behind each and every movement.

The overt is about a school massacre,  but it is about one dream of a person who has only become recently in one's mind.  This is why  Tennyson is the theme behind the first movement,  because only she is there in one's heart.

There are three sections to my composition,  the first breaks down into to pieces:  the first proving what I can do with the forms i am familiar with,  and then going beyond them,  but still maintaining the forms.  The second takes a different tact,  but it is of storm and struggle, as Haydn,  Mozart,  Beethoven,  and other greats allowed.  Then there is the third piece composed in a single year,  both finishing off what was left,  and writing gently to a conclusion.  i do not know whether i can compose more,  it seems that there is disability here which may not allow for that.

So  this is the piece which is emblematic of the last style of my work,  and if it is last style then so be it,  I have other things to do,  and  will do those in return.