Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A just war, a just peace

We are at war. Let us not avoid the obvious, nor its implications. Let us not let the shadows of other wars, or the failures carried out in the name of this war deter us from taking the standard and going forward.

Since the inauguration of George W Bush Jr, we have slept through the warnings, and then proceded to squander the openings in this conflict. It is time for us to admit the obvious - that failed policies in pursuit of failed ends have produced failure.

It is time to awaken and wage war. It is time that Americans accept the sacrifices which war demands, that we might have the peace that victory affords.

The Democratic Party must establish what it is we fight for, and why the American people should trust our leadership, not merely in the Oval Office, but in both houses of the Congress, and as soon as is possible, in the Supreme Court, and in a majority of state houses.

What we fight for is simple, and it is the historical mission of the Democratic Party. We seek a just world, based on a just peace - and, when required by circumstances, we are willing to wage a just war to accomplish it.

When the Democratic Party falls away from this ideal - by, as Johnson did, failing to wage a just war -  the party falls to the Republicans, who offer an illusion of equal chance for unequal gain - provided, of course, some chances are more equal than others.

The Republicans offered America a war where we would be left with  no more than we had before, and therefore a war which could not impinge on present comfort. It was a fools errand - but who is more foolish, the fool - or the fool who follows him?

The Democratic Party offers a new policy, victory. Unerring, unending, unbending quest for victory. Because without victory, there is no security. Without security, there is no recovery.

It is clear that nations of the globe, who previously did not have the strength to strike at the US, except by economic means, have set themselves acquiring a deadly deterent of atomic arms and the means to use them. It is clear, that their internal struggles for control of the wealth that democracy produces - have spilled out into the broader world.

Make no mistake, the origins of the terrorist war against America, is the civil war within the societies of the middle east - where those who would supplant one tyranny with another having chosen to attack us, as a means of furthering their own aims. This civil war was, to no small extent, created by our decision to buy oil from them, without insisting on a general social advance for their peoples. It was our mistake, for which we now pay.

We must realize why they attack us - not because we are free, but because we are in chains. Chained to oil, chained to the debt we owe to those who take the moneys that the prosperity of Democracy creates, and feed it into the warrens of tyranny that poverty allows.

It was our folly to allow it. Be that as it may the present evil, whatever its origins, does not admit of half solutions. And paralysis is not just punishment for past failures, but a sure means of future failures to compound the old.

But it must be a just war, waged only with provocation. It must follow those norms and laws which we are selves have established over the concert of nations. It must use in full measure the will of all, and the wishes of all. There is no coalition of "the willing", but only a coalition of will to win. Our friends in Europe recognize this, and are willing. But the burden is on America, as the strongest nation which has ever been on this earth, to accept the responsibility to lead.

To lead, we must act.

We must end the excessive  concentrations of wealth which are the temptations to terrorism, the funding for terrorism, and the excuse of terrorists.

We must remove the bondage to oil - and instead make energy, like all of the other necessities.

We must break the hanging weight of debt, which rattles through our economy and warps our economy.

We must have equity of taxation, which distributes the cost in proportion to the individuals gain.

We must have strength, because in this war, where every station and street is upon the front lines, every citizen is a soldier. We can leave none behind.

We must have energy, as a people - which does not waste its resources on enforcing aged and out moded ideas.

We must assert that the benefits of free trade come at the price of making people's free - both in America, and around the globe.

We must have, above all else, a restoration of the true community of Democracy and Democracies - with an iron clad faith in the legitimacy of our institutions and our government. Our promises are backed by "the full faith and credit" of these United States, and thus our friendships may be no stronger than that full faith and credit.

From this flows the need to throw open the doors to power, and show each and all alike that every action is for the good of all equally, and not some elite disporportionately.

We must have an end to the partisanization of government, and its actions.

We must have an end to the poisoning of public discourse.

We must have an end to the polarization in Congress
We must have an end to the belief that some might avoid the penalty for defeat - protected by wealth, or power or position
We must neither make excuses, accept excuses, or need excuses.

In Spain, a government which lied for partisan gain fell from power, and rightfully so. War is a terrible thing, not to be played for profit or power, but only in as much as terrible necessity has forced it upon is. If the only good in war is its ending, then let us set a boundary, and reach that end, so that America, and the world, may return to peace.

The Democratic Party has an unfinished agenda, many of whose points go back to Nineteen Forty One - when we proposed freedom of speech and conscience, and freedom from want and fear. It is time to realize that all four must be pursued with equal vigor. That freedom from fear will come only with freedom from want, and that freedom of conscience and speech is the only sure means to this end. We do business now with regimes which stiffle these freedoms, in return for temporary alliance. Those who sacrifice permanent principle for temporary cooperation, to steal from that first American Sage, will keep, and deserve, neither.

So let us face this moment with the vigor that has sustained America before, and demand of each alike the full measure of their devotion. Our strength is great, but our time is short - for before this decade has ended, those with no state or accountability shall surely have access to the most terrible and final means of waging their war. Let us then promise, on our sacred honour, to, within our lifetime and on this earth - to establish that just peace which has been the dream of generations.

Because without justices, and without peace, there will be no more generations on this earth.