Monday, January 7, 2013

Results of the New Program to Date

Results of the New Program to date

Opus 46
Wind Quintet #1, in C
15' 40"
I Prayers Ascending
II Painted Faces
III Fantasia (Spirit)

Opus 47
Sextet for Piano & Winds #1, in D
19' 29"
I Allegro
II Among the Heather
III Pictures for the lowlands
IV Goodnight my love

Opus 48
Prelude for Brass & Winds Sextet
2' 21"

Opus 49
Organ prelude in C
3' 50"

Opus 50
Sextet for Piano & Winds #2, in F#
12' 48"
I Prelude
II Carol
III Andente
IV Trance
V Nuages

Opus 51
Duo for Flute and Clarinet in F
"A Winter Suite"
7' 34"
I  March of the Chipmunks and Chickadees
II Soft white wing falls
III Ballet of the Pinecones and Icicles
IV High Clouds a'Sail the Sky

Presently working on complete Piano Sonata #4, in Eb, which will be Opus 52, unless I chase after some shiny. This represents the first 5% of the new program's scope.