Monday, January 7, 2013

"A winter suite" Duo for Flute and Clarinet Opus 51

Approximate 7' 34" for flute and clarinet

A you tube video is here.

 I March of the Chipmunks and Chickadees 2' 20"

In a nearly forgotten pine forest, after a snowfall has gilded all with crystal powder, out come the small birds, that hop on the surface, landing as often on roots or leaves that protect them from the cold, and out come the small denizens of the trees to find such new morsels as can be found.

 II Soft white wing falls 1' 37"

A perched a low branch is a fluffed owl, staring down at a reluctant squirrel, neither quite hungry enough to swoop down, but not quite full enough to ignore the intermittent motion and cracking of the rodent's stop and start search for food.

III Ballet of the Pinecones and Icicles 2'30"

As the sun clears the clouds, and bleaches everything white, the droplets of water form from the slow light driven melt, and the wind jangles the pine cones, as the cones grown beards made of ice.

IV High Clouds a'Sail the Sky. 1' 09"

The blue dome of heaven is like a bay to the coming night, and on it loft the wisps of cirrus clouds, that follow the streams in the upper air, and slowly tack towards a port unknown.