Tuesday, September 27, 2016

and Trumpilskin Won the Proles

More confirmation, Hill Won the Elites

‘We don’t want them’

The little-known nut that gave Coca-Cola its name

Are nervous habits derailing your job interview?

Anthony Doerr Reviews a New Book on Time Travel

Don’t Waste Money on Premium Gas if Your Car Is Made for Regular

“The World Will Always Be an Unpleasant Place”

Tana French’s Intimate Crime Fiction

Andrew Cuomo and the Corruption of Albany

Philosophy, the Sartre blend: uncovering the birth of existentialism

Clinton Won The Elites... Trump Won the Proles

Monday, September 26, 2016

11 Debate Possibilities That Should Worry the Campaigns

Charlotte officer did not activate body camera until after Keith Scott had been shot

Why Pervitin Was the Nazi Drug of Choice

A disaster is looming for American men

We’re about to learn something exciting about Europa

What I Learned From a Stroke at 26

Big investors join list of heavyweights against North Carolina 'bathroom bill'

Cockroaches are not radiation-proof and most are not pests

Your First Home Might Be Your Last

Sheila Bair Called the Financial Crisis.

Jeremy Corbyn shows his support for a campaign asking him to change his own cabinet

The Philosopher and Her Camera

In the Balance

In the Balance - The New Yorker
by Jeff Toobin - who needs to admit the truth  about Bush v.  Gore.