Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gene test can reduce chemo use among breast-cancer patients, study says

Obesity Is Linked to at Least 13 Types of Cancer

Private Prison Giant CCA Accused of "False and Misleading Statements”

Pundits, Decrying the Horrors of War in Aleppo, Demand Expanded War

What Were Blogs?

Anorexia, breast binding and the legitimisation of body hatred

A Monument to Outlast Humanity

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U.S. Healthcare is a Global Outlier, and Not in a Good Way


Howard Raiffa

An Exoplanet Too Far

Self-driving cars reach a fork in the road

N.C. Trooper Investigated in Fatal Shooting of Deaf Motorist

Subscribe and Save on Amazon?

Baltimore police confirms aerial surveillance of city residents

Colombia and Farc rebels reach historic peace agreement

Earthquake strikes central Italy - 159

Black Voters Don’t Recognize Trump’s View of Their Lives

Earth-sized world 'around nearest star'

Fig Cookies

Massachusetts: The US state where there is no minimum age to get hitched

World’s Largest Aircraft Flubs

how 'remake' became a dirty word in Hollywood

Gunfire and blast at Kabul university

Bernie Sanders’s New Political Group Is Met by Staff Revolt?

Bernie Sanders’s New Political Group Is Met by Staff Revolt - The New York Times

Whose say this? Some insiders do not know, either.

UPDATE: The  campaigners want a job with Clinton,  the movementers  want to push farther on Sander's message.  The  campaigners are upset.  They need everyone to chant "Clinton." Hence the call to NYT.