Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More of the Krugman Follies

Mea culpa.

Yeah and Americans were slow to grasp that perhaps the stories of WMD in Iraq were perhaps a tad overblown. Since if the economic problem is more "skills shortage" than "opportunity shortage" it is fixable by relatively easy means, it was an easy narrative to fall into, despite the small problem that it was totally wrong. Now that the crisis has passed and nothing can be done Krugman and Bernstein – another reliable idiot – are starting to admit, it is structural and it is based on the flow of money up to the top.

The most reliably good move for a liberal pundit, is to be a useful idiot for some reactionary idea.

(h/t Matt Stoller)


  1. Back before the second Iraq war, I saw a movie. It wasn't really a good movie, but I found it instructive. It's called Mercury Rising and is about an autistic kid who is able to solve a government secret code. The NSA head wants to kill this kid and he gives as his excuse that he has agents working under cover in the Iraqi Republican Guard.

    Now, when I saw it, I thought that this was intentional, to make the villain seem an even more over the top evil buffoon. Because it never even occurred to me that there were people who could take the "Iraqi threat" seriously.

    Then came George W. Bush and madness, and my eyes were opened.

  2. In America, the military is really completing the incomplete market for sadism.