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Warren of Undercurrent - IV


Jehanjir pieced together a good section of Albrecht and Princess, and what's more, is one was straight forward. Of course there were a few twists and turns, but not bad as Niccolo and company. it was clear that this was merrily told in an omniscient narrator, as opposed to narrator who had a stake in the outcome.Then he noticed that many of the ellipsis that he normally wrote with were not there. It was strange, even odd. He did not know why it was happening, but it was happening intentionally. He noted this down in his past codex of information.

It was dark now, and normally, the would go to sleep after supper, which was pretty like a light meal. but he wanted to be sure you got all of the voices down. which was hard, because they were several places which could be for or after. thus there were a few guess to be made. but he had gotten the style, and the narrator, though he used his voice was not ever as clever. so he barely even noticed that there was even difference to be had.

He's thought about his situation more intently than ever before. in his waking plane, he was on a moon that was trying to besiege the planet, and become a new planet in return. One level down from this, he was on a vast bodied plane, which he guest was a planet, and he did know it was not aligned to the seven stars.

He would have to figure out eventually what was real, what seemed to be real at the time, and what was truly a judge from his own point of view. This would be a large project to ascertain. then he was reading papers, some of real, sum of them conjecture, told from many points of view. but each one told the story. one realization was that Higer was probably dead, as well as the Summoner. but he couldn't be really sure of that. does there were at least four planes of existence that he had to track. this was not a great problem for his compendium that was his brain. but for most of the rest of us, it would be a tremendous problem.

Then he stopped for a moment to look up at the sky, none of the stars were in their place. and that would go for you as well, even the ribbon of light known as the milky way galaxy would not be there. Instead there was something wrong. There was light, but it was thinner than the galaxy, and it did not have any where near as much light. Had you looked at it, you would have thought it very odd indeed. In fact, you would have found it as Jehanjir would have. Did not get me wrong, in his own way, he knew as much about stars as could be known. But he lived in a world where there were only seven stars in orbit around them are seven plants, plus a few moons. Thus he would not have thought it even believable for stars to be in different places. It was just becoming known what Dante said about the stars: the were suns only further away. this was actually a new piece of knowledge. Knowledge traveled very slowly in those days.

Thus there were a few stars which were quite bright, more than our in our milky way in fact, but it then diminished rapidly.Aand here was many fewer in the sense of a missed of stars. He deliberated on this, and decided that if he were to stay on that heavy heavy world, he would investigate it, but not until then.
Albrecht pool that the Princess found, and showed him her flowers and thin reeds. They were flowing and warm to the touch around them. There was timber which was either close instead it was distant, has if it were touched by something enormous but unseen. It was as if it were clothes but not that close. Every piece of form was as if it were different then what it seemed. As if someone was doing something with it, as if someone were doing something with it. It was almost as if one could see a presence that was not there, and if the presence that was there was different from what seemed right. It was almost as if the site, and the sound, were not the same thing at all. It would be hard to explain, but it was very real. And so each flower each petal each leaf was different on the outside versus what was on the inside. 
Everything was verdant and enriched by all of the loveliness around it. As if each one were the same but yet different. There were flowers of every different hue, and every different color, in between these there were stocks, and greenery in wide abundance, with shops of water between each of them holding itself in other times. There was wonderment in each looking glass. There were bushes, each was then flaccid, each one is different. As all of the others, a bounty of different textures, and then it hit that this was a core, that could not be distinguished. It was planned in some way that could not be described, only ordered, if that makes any sense. 
When seeing this order, it was more clear more succinct in its clarity, more refined their ordered changed the way it felt . Order but estranged order. 
“The underworld is here, and it is not damaged in any way look.” 
She saw, and she understood, how flowers had stood for a long time. And they were not going anyplace. She saw that the flowers were still undamaged, almost pure, which meant that they were standing to. 
“How is possible we were only a few inches from the end they parched up.” 
“That is the beauty outside its parched but inside it's not.” 
“It's so gorgeous, as if an illusion.” 
They were in a grotto with stones everywhere piling up to the sky. Beyond that there were fields of wheat and rye pushing up to the top. And there was no new sun. Instead there was something that bubbly like a brook, and clear as if no sun was required. It looks like water, but it's pale . and creamy, frothy, and clear. It was liquid, of some time, with an aftertaste that wet foam. It was a merriment aghast of true delight, not because of the flavoring or the taste rather, in describe it way it felt ,tingle would be one way to describe it. 
A memory pattern escaped her lips it was beautiful. 
“How does it do that. I don't understand what is going on.” 
“These illusions are not real, it's only a reflection that makes our thoughts.” 
She nodded. 
“What is illusion is visible, or does it mean something else?” 
He took the side branch, and instead something inside closed. It turn, and turned up. She looked at it quite shocked, and then did so herself where she grasped. That while it looked like it was not the same thing at all. 
“These are not what they seem to be. We only pick and choose, not understanding that we give meaning, but underneath there is a different story entirely, which we do not see.” 
“They are images not facts. They are not designed to ensnare, but to render and give some illusion to our thoughts.” 
“I ask again what are they? If not illusions as such. I do not see them with the power that I possess.” 
“That's because it's not a trick , not something that you do. Its something that is trying to make sense to us, who do not understand.” 
“Then why did you know this?” 
“That is because this body is not the person you think it is. With that he grew a second head in sprouted up to 10 feet of his body was orange and is hair was black as black. She suddenly drew back from this apparition and realized that it was something that she knew, it was fledgling god and she did know where she was at all. 
“Where are we?” 
Everything was really different instead of trees dimple wide bushes and scads of flowers was grass, instead green and verdun, it in green and yellow as it was dry but not too dry. Instead of ripening it was tall but somehow deep. But it at least looked right by the world. 
He did not answer but merely stretched his enormous forelimbs. 
She realized that he was going to fight her, and she should be on the ready. It was at this moment that she knew what to do and a little voice from deep within told her what to do. She was not an adult but a child listening to instruction along that many moons ago that she hid. The time when she was fascinated by the roosters getting ready to fight each other. Each one cared and paired for such a contest as this, each one being groomed for this one moment. To fly to fight and only to announce one step once one really felt that in the bones. But she was not going to launch with her body but with her mind. Thus while her opponent was wide, she was narrow. Were as he was wide she was nimble. Where he was hulking, she was tight. In every way she was different from him. 
Then he spoke: “Why do you torture yourself this way you only know it will end badly.” 
It was her turn not to speak, instead she moved arms akimbo. 
“To really think this is necessary? Here for body will be broken for the reason. All of it for not.” he again taunted. But each person moved again greater advantage, each one fashioning a decided feature that they were going to live and die by. They were feeling each other out and there was no going back. 
Then it was over before it began, he jumped figuring that no one could expect him that far away, that close at hand. He spiraled and thought he was going to land, instead he grimaced as her foot grabbed him as she flung her way back. He landed on his back struggling to get quickly but struggling to find that he could not move. 
She were cat-quick, and Instead of flailing she balled up in a single thread in when she reached the arc of her assent then and only then did she unhinge and punch him in the gut. She then returned to a little ball. That was all that was necessary for her. 
Over on his stomach he wrenched and pressed and did all those things which someone would do in that circumstance. Meanwhile she dropped in to a hunch position, with her eyes over him. She stared at him intently as making motion, there was none coming just the growl. 
She looked around to see whether A could be visible, and grasp the real, not fake vision that she had been taken into. She saw a and realized that his plan was to grab a then use the time to make a glamour which she would be surrounded by. She also realized that this glamour would not be for long and that he would take her down. She rushed over to a and hunted for breath at the same time looking for life in the body of Albrecht. 
“You came for me.” 
It was a moment that all of them realized was haunting, but neither one wanted it to be recognized. 
“What happened here, are you all right? “ She realized that was the wrong thing to say and she bit her lip and changed her tone. “I would hate that have someone injured in my presence.” 
He glanced at the body and saw it shrinking before his very eyes, he pointed to it still not moving. She glanced down and saw unraveling as well she offered her hand and he accepted it. He skipped up almost as if nothing had happened to him. They both went over and saw a form which was human in the nature. It was still grunting but it looked as if it was conscious now. It blurred but it had light back in its eyes.
It moaned and side. 
“I had only two destroy you, and then I would have been done. Then I will decay, and die, as all things must do.” The was a burbling rush, and a giggle, which was to 
emphasize that it did matter what happens to the body. As far as it was concerned, the bodies purpose was done. And no one would take control out. There was something chilling about this, even though the body was still inhabited, that it did not care in the least was shocking. 
“Had your money on the wrong horse. “Albrecht replied, with the air of nonchalance, which the life the shocking nature of what he had just heard. On the inside, he was screaming at a temporary body which was for only one purpose, and then would gone in a flash of light. As if that was the way of things. A didn't know any better, in any case. 
“He expect us to fall into the trap?” Contributed the Princess. “That seems rather foolish, do not you think? While we are not perfect, we are not in a sense word, dead, as yet, and may not be so for a little while yet to come. What gives you the assurance that we will be dead at your leave, anyway.” 
“I would be the employee of the greatest movement that this planet has ever seen. If I could readily know that, but I have a good feeling on this.” Reply what ever it was that inhabited the body, for the instant. 
“It seems that you back the wrong horse then.” 
“Spare me please.” It eyes glistened. 
“Why should we asked the Princess you were not going to spare us at all.” 
“I can do things to you that are much worse than you can ever dream about.” said spirit that inhabited the body. 
“And how could we trust you?” Albert was sticking a knife in, and trying to get some reply from it. 
“It's not what it appears to be. I had a choice between killing you, and being killed myself. You would have taken the same deal. At least I hope would.” both Albrecht and Si-yeona noticed the same thing, it had existence, and even though it would have only a little bit more, it was going to take just that little bit more, even if it meant butchering.
Si-yeona understood this and said: “And they gave you powers I noticed.” because in fact she didn't know if it had the power, or not. But she was guessing that they had given it the power, and sent it off to use it, as if it were a prison guard which was hoping against hope that it would be spared in some way, though it had no hope this, in fact. 
“On loan, yes, they did.” This was in fact confirmation, there were more powerful beings charge. They only animated this, for some purpose which the Princess did not understand yet, would if she had anything to say about it. 
Albert gathered a dagger, and said: “That is not the way to bring us on to your side.”
A whimper came up. 
“I think he's being reasonable, actually. If we bind it we can move on.” 
“We do have to kill it, there is no other way to bind it and then have some minion free it when we are over the next hill. And that would be the end of us most assuredly.”
Moan went up from its lips. 
As he was speaking, he blind wounds, and spiked in the hands behind is shoulder. It was tight, very tight indeed. 
“So what are you going to do? There's no more time to waste.” 
“All be good, I promise you. Just don't hand me back to Death.” 
This her turned head, toward him. “What do you have for us, that made me think you're not going to betray us at the first signs of danger?” 
“Because I would have already.” 
“Thats new, first was your idea and then we were forced to take it which is it and how would we trust you on that.” 
A wimp crept up on to its face again. 
“Is clear that you have something drastic.” 
“What do you have in mind, my dear.” 
“Yes, I do.” She pull a pill, but not a dry one, but one of slickness and bile. She crufted it, as to cup it. “Do you know what is?” She reared over his face. He nodded, slowly. 
“It's a sickening pill, and you want to feed it to me.” 
“That's right this first one makes you sick. Two, makes you dead.” 
“We can be reasonable is not that hard.” He vomited only slightly as he uttered these words. 
“That time is long past and, you know it open up your mouth.” 
He tried to close his mouth, but Albrecht was behind his head and directing it. Slowly it came in, vomiting more as he went when finally he could not take it any more. 
And then it was done. There was a pool of blood as he washed down. He almost could not take it and then it was swallowed. He was trying to spit it out but he could not. Long coping pause, he had swallowed it. Finally a wretch finished the job, forced his hands in and checked to make sure that all was done. It was. 
“How was that was a tasty I'm sure was.” The evil listened from her voice has if it were naturally there. Would you like another? She left a cruel laugh. 
“No, no, please. “ He wheezed, and then he chortled. Finally he retched again. It was unpleasant for all concerned, though of course he was the brunt of it. 
“Could then now you know what it feels like. A view seconds you'll know what it tastes like as well. It will not be pleasant I assure you of that.” She looked up into the sky, and then down upon his figure and she knelt down and her eyes glistened. She was holding his mouth up, cooling at. He retched again, and looked to swoon. But he was not allowed to, because a did not allow him to but instead pulled back on his throat. 
“We do want that, do we?” 
An actual point of fact neither Albrecht nor  relished the job that they had sent for them selves, but they would not betray their confidence. Because it was that confidence, that sent them on their way. It was the gleam in the eyes, twist on the lips. The overall menace that both of their faces behind that made them so menacing, so wrought with evil. But you would not notice it except for a few patches here and there, which would have shown matters quite different. 
Monster leaned up, and over truly looking sick. But still standing. In the day took him slightly taller than they leaned him up. He, again, retched. 
“It is going to work, it isn't going to work.” Albrecht spat. The prisoner looked the worse for wear. 
“If you keep the fiddling with your mouth it will never get hat way.” Observed Albrecht.
“Why do you shall, please.” Chimed the Princess. 
They moved along, grimacing and moaning. Keyword to hills away before anyone said anything. The trees were coming dark and there was no sign of life to be had, just brittle
and the ornate tree. Slowly they realized there was no sky and the arc was moving down. It was a very slow process but it was there. 
We have to move faster not slower. “Observed.” the Princess. 
By this point they were more than a mile, but even that had been total failure. Was very clear that this roundabout pathway was not going to solve anything. 
“What do you suggest?” 
It was then she realized that this was no ordinary goings - on but something special. And that meant looking around and seeing what was the matter. Because if they did not being pricks would be as mountains were. 
“This way is to slow.What is more it was known to be to slow. It was known by something conscious. It was a trap, perhaps by the same force that laced up being on the back. "
With one enormous punch Albrecht lightened the load by one thing he could: there captive. It was a jolt not to just him but everything moving in their vicinity. The monster came to life as he had never been so before.

There was, of course, many defects. Names had been abbreviated, There were some places where it was not clear who was speaking. Even with all of that, there was a liberty and freedom in the presence of the written document. It stood there as if it were a rough draft, waiting to be polished by some insidious editor, one who was completely concerned about punctuation.

He himself, picked at a few places, when he realized, that someone, or someone's, Were renting through his own hand. and now it felt, well creepy was not the word, and honestly he didn't know the word. but it was a distant memory with someone else writing the words. As if a at least four other people were taking turns composing their own version of events. it was almost as if they were competing to post letters and jockey for their own point of view. And that included Death. Which was interesting, because he would not have thought that Death would pay any attention to it. But in this bricolage of words, that is what he could feel.

He looked up out over the tree lined courses, and saw what looked like chrysanthemums.But then realized that they were not flowers at all, but bristles masquerading as flowers. It was as if it was towards the beginning of the world, but not a child but instead the first flex of the beginnings of man.

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a new reprint of an older book.

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Warren of Undercurrent - III


“I don't know what's wrong he said but there is something about it that worries me.”

He prayed, and meditate. and then realize that there were still a group of rules, which meant that was still asleep. And he was still asleep, and that he was still dreaming at least one level below that which was awake. But he needed to find out what each of the other two were up to in their dream below in there words on the page, which were still scattered among. There would still be time to find out where he was dreaming. Though he looked around, and indeed saw things were very different. but he would settle down into viewing this reality, because he was sure that everything would be different.

But he rapidly made some notes, just in case things were different. Instead of stark, it was lush, Instead of wide, things were dense, It was like a forest tropical, and he drew some very odd shaped leaves. it was dense in the structure of its leaves, as if it were millions, hundreds of millions, of years in the past. the trees were very different, though he could not describe their shape, you or I would have to look up in a book. what would find is an era called the Permian, which was just about ready to enter the Mesozoic, But was still part of the Paleozoic era, it will mentioned that the earth was engaged in a vast die off. which was something significant, because it was a connection from that world this.

And that meant something wonderful. It meant that there was a connection between the real world, and this strange new world, which had yet to be explained. Jehanjir new nothing of this, but made a few sketches, not noting that if looked far above, he was on a different planet entirely, He was absorbed in his collected scratchings, because in this form everything was heavy, and basically he sat, not noticing anything but the leaves which were like ginkgo.
For a few became many, because he knew that something was happening. Though he did not know what. Niccolo as much try and figure out what it is as complaining so much. 
“I suppose so but perhaps it's my imagination.” 
“I don't think so but you worry and you don't figure things out.” 
He glared at her and said “Do you have a plan? If not, shut up.” His rage was violent, at this very moment, and his anger had pique.

She too had her fill of nonsense, and she had had enough of him. She was so silent and her face was still cold and she did not move at all. It was as if all of her consciousness was aware of him and at the same time was not aware. 
Her voice moved not at all when she said “Why don't you go away?”

“I might just do that. But I think it would be wrong for us to split up, especially with such a mystery for us.” 
“What interests you?" 
“I hope you understand we're together in this side.” 
She turned aside looked, and realized that they had both boiled over at each other, it was not right for them to do so. She also realized that the was in love with her with excessive clarity, she did not love him in that way at all. But she did love him enough to stay with him. And that was painful to admit that that was so. She did not know what to say to him, or do anything. 
“We have to be careful and we must not feel overly strong about each other.“ That was not her feeling but it will suffice for now.
He said there and shook his right hand as if he was doing something with it though it had no force then he touched his beard and had a laugh. 
“My word such a life as this and all we can do is tear each other to ribbons when the universe outside the is going to pieces.” 
She was passive but she was no longer expressionless. “What are we going to do?” 
“As a set we should get going to the mouth of the world. And try not to get so worked after all death has lost many men and the pasha his entire fleet, next of those losses we are in good shape.” 
“I suppose so but death and the Pasha are both clinging to life.” 
Only just, and there is a third figure. 
“What figure is that pre-tail?” 
Planet itself, and who knows what she wishes for? 
Just then the careened around the back and saw the icy whole that went in to the inner regions of the planet. Once it had been verdant but now only half as much and getting less all the time . There was a rim around the topless dear and ships were dried out there has if nothing had happened except the top had tried up. You could see a number of aquatic life that had been beached and were delivering their bones to the feast of dogs and all of the birds. 
This was decided but without will or will power. The reached the end of the mountains and were going down to see the docks detailing how they went with each stride. It was almost as if the mood shifted and they were going to have a feast.
“We're almost,” she said, then stopped “there you can tell.” She point at a long black cylinder shaped object. 
He nodded. “Yes, we are. But how are we going to get in?”

“You can see that there is a pocket full of eddies. Some only a little taller than our boots. We can use them.” 
“Yes, I can see that.”

“We just have to one, and cross down.” 
“Wont we just drowned?" 
“No, be different than falling into the earth instead if we get between the worlds it will define imagination and will be on the bottom not the top of the world.” 
“I hope you are not think...” The voice trail off. 
“Do worry I am not, I am not.” 
They trained off of the land and the deposit themselves on the mysterious rocks and tread out on to the water. You would have expected there to be gullies and potholes but there were none instead it was dry and the sort of squarish that took over gradually from runaway stream to desert. Even though there were fishes, they were tried out not by ordinary heat, but through changes.

“Careful these are dangerous times.” 
“I can see that that clearly it must've been painful and magical.” 
“You can tell more than I could.” 
“You can tell the sorcery did not a natural form of heat.” 
“I couldn't tell you if.was true but I will take your word for it.” 
“Believe me it is look at how their distributed it ,was as if he itself pride into darkness and ripped life out of magic, and take it around.” 
“As a set I will take your word for it.” 
They went out long trail which was above the others hoping that it would allegedly cease and gradually it did and they work trailing gradually along the path as if some people had gone before them. 
“It is probable that this way was the objective.“ 
“Does that mean it was right, was wrong, or way around.” 
“No, to you?” He said. 
“No, I do not.” 
“Then let us go on because we have no other course." 
“Then opening up day saw a black hole with something they knew not what shivering in the distance, it was enticing and unnerving. 
“This is it. A leap of faith, and then will see. I will be done by then.” 
She looked up at him but she could not see what was it his face even though usually she could. He divid through the looking glass and then she followed it was first falling and then the reverse - rising into the distance. They were not on the surface, but in the interior of the planet. 
There was death along the corridor and they knew it. They had been swallowed up by the ship with no sales, and no they were going to find out what it was – or die try to. The two came up to the dock, and position themselves. They cannot expect strict court, at angles, or hexagon, to each other. Each cell, top bottom or middle section glowed until it spoke ,each one of them had two or three Driving forces, as if they were glistening and shimmering, were not exact. They were maddening in that they did not sit still but the entered from side to side slowly. 
“This...” Morwethe said. He gently opened his mouth to say something, but she stop him. 
“What do you think it is?” 
“I don't know it's as if...” 
“As if they know we are looking.” 
“Searching perhaps in the corners don't match up.” 
“Yes, but they are stationary if you look beyond that.” 
“Are you sure?” 
“You have to get on a minute longer I want to find out what they are.” 
“We do not have long.” 
“It is strange.” 
“Yes, but we don't have long.” 
They just had a moment, when there stepped in front of the end, of the hallway six or seven men. They were clad in black with whiteen buckles, and covered over in strange looking here. Other than that they were unadorned rarity here. They were crisply dressed, and stiff as if they were saluting every minute of every day.

“The gangs all here.” 
“That's one way to put.” 
“What are those?” She pointed at rifles which they carried. With it that they hired in lock step. 
Morwethe pulled left and an pulled left. Both crouched down. 
“What do we do now?”

“I do know.” 
“Too bad.” 
Niccolo leapt. He skitter to a stop,

“They've heard some rounds at me.” He said. 
“How are they doing that? Realizing that people on this planet could only fire to, or most three bolts, they'd never seen anything like that in the past.” 
“I don't know.” 
“I will think of something.” 
“Nothing is coming.” 
“Try harder.” 
Niccolo did look, but was no use, nothing was coming to mind. 
“It not going well.” They were surrounded by six guards, and one gestured upwards, and a vase stood up. Niccolo saw first and more with second their hands were behind their head. 
From up close they can see the uniforms were unusual but not so unusual as to be indistinguishable. They were of wool worsted, but not so different from any other. One was different was there movements from others and that was truly unusual, they did not speak they did not motion the did not have any gesture, there joins were stiff and motionless almost as if they were dead bodies. This extended to every part and parcel of their feature and form.

They went up towards from their mounting from side to side, there was something about the letter, it was made of metal not wood.It was also some thing wrong with it as if it were coded with something but what neither of them knew. They saw the shape which was not like the others he had a full set of hair and his motions were lively he was tall but not to terribly much, is here was light blonde and his skin was creamy almost smooth. And sit down. There was no place to sit down there captors made them lean against the floor and squat.

And spoke almost without annunciation or feeling. “What are you doing here?” 
There was no reply from either of two figures. 
“I can make you answer the questions if you aren't going to respond quickly.” 
Morwethe then spoke: “Were getting off of the planet.” 
“While I'm here to make sure that no one does.” 
There was a pause. He was not doing anything yet. 
“What do you want from us?” Nicole queried.

“What will you want in my position?” 
“Nothing.” Replied Niccolo. Actually I want something I want to know how you got all of this way, and still standing this is not if you had not noticed. 
Morwethe said: “We noticed that there weren't ships." 
“And wide did you persist?” 
“We were going this way.” Niccolo said. 
“Too bad for you.” the figure of Death moved in and out between the frozen figures, which were clearly frozen in place. As if they were statues, meant to grace his every movement. 
“What are you?” Morwethe said. 
“I'm the commander of someone who works for debt, and you too are is latest victims.” 
“Aren't you going to girls a bit more, or are you done.” 
“If you would like to tell me anything? It would buy you a few minutes, which is all you have left?”

“What would you like to know.” Asked Niccolo
“Where are you from and what are you doing here? What kind of question is that?” 
Morwethe was clearly upset, and she did care who knew. Then she turned to death and asked: “Every question had an answer, and that was how they were going to get time to figure out what to be done next. We are going to the planet, what are going to about. And how to you know the questions we are going to ask, when we have not thought of them?” 
“You were born me that his true.” begin Death, “I know that to be true what makes it of interest to me is why, how long do you squirm in the cage. How long do you suffer, doing that and Death incarnate.” There was no grin, but it seemed like there was, on the face of their captor. “If that is the best you can do, I will have to cut questions short. But I will give you one more chance, at least to interest me, but that his all.” 
“We kind under our own power, we are not interested in the power of God's or worlds.” Niccolo said. It was almost the last thing said.

“That interests me not at all." 
And Death started to me then disappear, but Morwethe with a last gasp said to Death.
Because Morwethe saw something, she decided not to tell Niccolo, but react quickly. Because it was at that moment that Morwethe noticed that the other companions were more than just motionless but dead to the world because of a wrist pattern that fluctuated on a device that rippled. It glistened just after a command from the lead who was alive and commanding the other five. In one short movement she stood up and with ease punched in the gut. 
He grunted, under the exact pressure point that she had selected over or under would not give the same result. showing that he was indeed acting under dress. Then she took her a in and punched him again. The others stood motionless. Niccolo then took a chance as well punching in the face the commander himself. His gut wrenched, but he found him lifeless. You see, this was death, but in living form, which is what she recognized.
“That odd I would not think they would go down that easy.” 
“Yes.” Said Morweth. 
Then all at once the bodies evaporated and they understood that they were simuclarum. Only there as of ghost of a figure, gathering up like before. 
They loosened the bindings, and decided to part all the while looking at things. Noted all the differences with their own ship, and indeed every other ship that they had encountered. Everything was metal or ceramic, everything was new and they realized that something ominous controlled everything and it would be close. Perhaps it had been watching. 
Then comes floor they noticed a pattern it was the captain and his assistant who were deep asleep and they under stood- they had been taken control of and were sleep walking their way around they did not know that they were controlled. Task to do only one thing and one thing only something else was controlling the ship
“But what was it?” 
He was controlled he did not know that he was so easily cast aside. But that means that the controller is near by. At that moment they understood it was was probably Death which was everywhere and anywhere he wanted to be. He controlled everything in his power to reach them. At that moment there was nearly light that stood up from below and a figure without form until it consumed and reflected the color of death. It was about 8 feet tall and had skeletal forms and features a pale reflection that taunted the eye to guessing which color it could be. It was enrobbed in a missed of color which was pale green in aspect. In his left arm he had encircled bit of something but the mind could not figure out what it was. A blue aspect derived as a long road.

“So you two are part of that awful ship aren't you?” It was Death himself. 
But neither party observed the niceties of discussion, and instead listened for more. They knew he would have more to say if all of the niceties were observed from every tale, that had been told of him was true. Of Death, was a figure of many tales, all of them were themselves tales of somebody else. 
“You don't want to play is that it. Or are you just going to stand there and listen. Death committed.” 
“What do you want.” Morwethe said.

“I would you do get out of here right now, or I will dump you under this boat.” 
Niccolo knew this was a warning, but also that Death wanted them to not part of way, he was up to something. He knew that something was up much larger than they were much larger then they were he wanted them out of the way. He adopted the face and demeanor quite reverse of his true feelings and said to Death ”So you can put us anywhere we desire.” 
“Indeed I can whatever you desire but be about it or I will shift you all the same. Instead of telling me, why don't look around.” He reached in to the pocket and grabbed a pistol and shot death.

The hill reformed momentarily. 
“What is going on?” 
Death draws whatever is near to form. 
“And then what.” It was not an question. 
It's an image, not Death itself, Niccolo thought, and that might be worth something. If I could only figure out, how to do it? No, it was not just an aspect. 

He realized that someone else was in his head. Or one man plays in his time many parts.
Then he noticed that Morwethe nodded and him, ever so gently. Unlike time they were fighting for each individual morsel that they could shake out of each other, this was a point of reference that will could agree on. Each one of them would take their life on. 
“What about the pilot?” Niccolo said to Death. “ can one desire too much of a good thing?" 
“He will be doomed this ship does not hold together. I like this place, and willingly could waste my time it.” 
As if on cue's, ship began to waver and then fall to pieces. First the stern, and then thing else again about almost breaking apart . Then they are falling as the ship blew apart into pieces. Everything was damaged or broken and they were reaching for the air. Came down and they were flung in two darkness realizing that the ship held whites.
Things are going from bad to worse in a hurry, how bitter it is to look into happiness through another man or woman's eyes. 
But Morwethe had a plan, and she grabbed the rope fastened between her legs, and launched grabbed the other hand to snag n. Then she tightened the grip and fell into the bottom of the darkness. Niccolo felt left, and then he noticed the ascent, which was backwards to what he felt he should be experiencing. They were turning from down to sideways and back again he instinctively knew to grab the outside even though it was a long way from. It chattered as if it were going to stop them several times. 
“Grab the edge.” It was the cool calm voice of M. “Forever and a day, if need be.”
Indeed the edge was all that could be done at all. It was coming loose to them, scraping their legs and arms against the wall. Their face as it scampered up them, looming up to them. Then it broke in to space, and they were opened up, at least as they could be.

The moon crossed again by them, hurling beside them. Crashed on the floor making them realized that they were close to the edge because it had gone from zigzagging to straight, as divide as forces allowed them to be, straight into the ground, even though they were perpendicular to their motion of gravity, they were 200 feet from the ground more or less.

They were about that from the bottom of the cliff, and they knew it. That his all of space they could get. The space which the most is the is, is just barely enough to hold on to.
He looked up, and saw the dimming light of the moon. He realized at this point he must have been scrying for what might have been, and getting warnings about future events. 
He was not sure whether this was good or bad, because he did not know when would be the right time to change them, or even if he could change them at all.

It was he, Jehanjir, who thought on this a while. Obviously there were too many questions going through his mind, and their were murmurings that could not quite phrased in questions. first of all, who exactly wrote it? at first glance, it seemed obvious that Niccolo was the obvious beneficiary, there were things that were at his view, which was not the case for anyone else. but creeping in the background, their was an undercurrent of Death mocking that illusion. it was almost as if death were a second character, though clearly not the main character.

He looked up from the page, and the scene was that lush green with so many overtones, and this time he knew he was heavy, where as he the chip it triptych of open space with the planet rise in the background, was light. he realized that this was not truly an illusion, but something more subtle. on that like weight little moon, he could bounce over the green fuels, and thought nothing of it. but here on the Ao, next with some Apple green, he was laden with dark forces that he knew had to be a force that held him in place.

Remember, there was no such word as gravity in his mind.

Then he drew his senses senses back in to that nether world of senses, which were dominated by all the hues that one could think of as "green". there were specs of bitter line and lemon, in hints that only he and a few painters would know, as well as a hint of bud green and celadon. even if looking for colors that were green, there were attached shades to look at. in that way which dark cyan will out of its darker forms glistening through to Emerald at the highlights. it was a feast for the naked eye. and the last part was that only he could see it.

Or at least, probably, because looking down at the paper, he felt that someone was looking back. it had only this eye, or perhaps it's other eye had something else in mind. but it stared back at him, just as he stared blankly at the page.

So many questions unanswered.  But one that was clear,  though the  manuscript was in his hand,  it was in fact not his.

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A network of pundits and scientists is consulted about stopping release of "Merchants of Doubt"

Warren of Undercurrent - II


The sun verge on the horizon, and stood there. Only minutes of daylight, for it would plunged back in, to the stupidest part of the day, and spend a great portion today enshrined in the list of black and orange light. It was red, though very cold. She looked back over her shoulder to measure the distance that they had come, it came to the wall which they were on a low hill overlooking the town below them. Though they did not think, they had walked very far the, could see that the distance was greater now than before. There was ravaging in the courtyards where death was clearly mounting up. A looked back, as well though out the sky rather than the town. He saw that there were more ghats, gholods, and goblins, pouring in to the surrounding countryside. Then ever were, they are assaulted, as if monsters had held back and were now beginning encourageAnd warmed over tops of hill crest around the town center.

It was then that Those were just the beginning monsters were coming on foot and by wing. Both individually and in groups up to a dozen or so. Many of them were human but some were not, both humanest in some which were grossly mis-shaping, to those whose bodies were not at all line with the face of human beings at all. One thing that outlined the basis and figures was that they were mostly about by, perhaps little bit more over the bit less there were no beings of much larger than about twice the size of a human being. What was more remarkable still is that all of them were streaming in to town while human beings were streaming out. It seemed remarkable that anybody monstrous was going in and nothing was going out, nothing was taking on those human beings that were trying to escape. It was almost as if it were designed as such.Though they could not see every conflict it appeared as if everything was timed precisely this was not a rampage but decisive plan to go in over the heads up bed and in so doing escape the cataclysm. 
“What does that mean, that there letting everyone who was left in escape?” The Princess suggested. 
“I don't know exactly. Whatever it is it, seems a command to everyone and everybody, to let the escape routes flee.” 
“Obviously so, but why what purpose does serve, what object does make possible, what possible use could be?” 
Albrecht suggest, “We run first, and ask questions later, if that's all right with you.” 
She nodded, in the noted that: “I think you're right in that presumption.” 
They went down and over some ground it was very barren and hard almost as if soil had been once here but now it was nothing but sand and suit am very very loose at that. Gradually they could bring down and be hidden from the actual town itself and go by themselves. It was painful because of avoiding actual site back in two town. It took many times to look to the left and have an even keel. Even though there was progress it was very slow until they had gotten to a steep decline in Hill and then they were bit easier. Then they were on a footpath away from the top of the mountain but even here they crouched rather than let off into the country side all the while remaining small. It felt right to do. They scampered up and then down trying to make it so that they are tracks were covered. The solos of their feet tried to maintain footing so the would be even keeled. Then they stopped realizing that gradually the hills were rising again they looked for some rocky trail which headed down but they could not find them. They rested a minute and begin trudging up hill again. They stopped for a moment and then got it there feet to a select that rose To both sides of them. And then to a gully which was half again as high as they were. 
“Should stop now, or later do think. Later I would like to put as much distance between me and the town has is possible.” 
He noted and then said it's interesting how nothing comes into the city from this direction it is almost as if they know something about this which we do tot truly grasp. 
It was at that moment that the roof of the chain disappeared and a were in a pocket as high as three times their with it was about 15 times they are with. It also had some moss which was the first time they noticed life at all. Also there were hardness about them, and the rubble was harder. A looked above him into the sky and there was nothing over had which was unusual. "Why he did not know but a new that something was going on?

“That's unusual that there is nothing overhead do you think until now we've had a few stranglers overhead but now it's mostly gone." 
“It is dark overhead, it could be that there coming over the hills, and deals of this place rather than the line to high.” 
“That could be, all the same there were a few score high overhead, and now they are not.” 
They both looked around and could not see any reason. Albrecht decided to have a look a round and decided that the best way was to climb stiffly and see what he could see. The placed his back her long the face and his legs up along another face and she made his way up to the top. For minutes he stared around and took his bearings it was quite clear he could see the city again. He stared for a moment and then looked down at her and said I do not know what's happened but something as there seem to be no features of habitation where he few minutes it was very busy and not is unusual say the least. 
She nodded . “Some down from that place, if you please.” 
He nodded as well and climbed down from his perch. 
“I would still like to know what has happened to them.” 
“I imagine we will find out, and it won't be pretty, less I miss my guess.” 
They scrambled up out of the purse and on to a flattened plane. Rock was turned away, from the city, so they could not see it, from there location. That took out some rations from the back and started to lunch them, down because they were starving, the seemed quite reasonable though in other times they would have rather gone hungry then to feast on such stuff. 
“Do you think that there watching us and deciding when they have had enough?” She interjected. 
“Its possible it's also possible they've lost us.” 
“I don't think so. I get the creeping feeling that there is some one watching us, from behind a pale class." 
Pale class, “What brought that on, if you don't mind my asking.” 
She pulled out of her linen cloak and showed him a group of fine crystals. And said “What do you think these are for.” They glistened and showed sparkling tendencies and many groups. “These are for scryn" .
He picked one up and held the “So. it was crystal ,about an inch in diameter colored purple. It seemed to leach off of what ever stood at against as if it was draining the life around it.” 
“To these have any properties, or are they just crystals?” 
“Watch and I will show you.” 
She took another crystal, and by creating a beam from it, made a torch, and held it to the other hand. Spot the sparks were not great but they had the magical feel of something more power from. She selected another crystal this, one has black as soot but shiny. She took this one and stared at the thin ray of sunshine that was passing overhead. Glistened and rather than glistening it blackened. Like tenderiled, it blackened everything in its path and created for just a moment. 
“That's unusual.Why a student mistake that this was.” 
“Trapping light, and transporting it somewhere else. Why this a trap.” 
“So they are terror.” 
“Press so everything on the ground here, it being darkened, by these gray crystals. And like these others, but even they cause the blackening. Those things around look here, and you will see that everything is darkened by a little but though crystals do a little bit.” 
She showed him again with the first crystal, and she noted around the edges, how it was darker there. He noted and saw. 
“Are they something more than that.” 
"Realize that there were dozens in pockets around the city, that would mean there's a wealth of them each one doing just that little bit to destroy life." 
"You are saying that the city was doomed from the beginning because of all." 
“Yes I believe so we were defending a doomed city.” 
“And why did they take the city and plunder.” 
“These crystals indicate that there were two sides at least which wanted the city taken.”
One the side of death and this one who was served by the Pasha. 
“I believe so great just to simply stood around and deployed the magic stones until finally they beat a retreat.” 
“So, death had to get in to their before the crystals consumed the city.” 
“Yes, I believe that's correct and only the first wave of his invasion was successful the rest didn't make it in.” 
“What now do you think.” 
"Death and his allies are reduced but they have enough advantage to try and take the city with force if they don't they'll be crushed by whatever means the crystals us. He balanced again at the precipice and climbed up it instead of seeing the city he saw burned out wreckage and no people he slid back down. There is no people in new city. "
“I would say that death has sprung its trap and then the posture sprung his.” 
“I would like to open closer but I think it's not possible I would be ground-up with this metal of fury.” 
“That's quite likely so it's good that we got a way when we did.” 
“It seem's so." 
“What now do the key walking.” 
“We are going around and find walk distance, and that will be the hole.” 
“Will see if there is something left of life on this planet there doesn't seem to be much on the outside that's for sure.” 
“What there is wood if there is real about ring of dead empty planet?”

“That seems unlikely but I know what will find.” 
They drew a long wall with one hand about 20 feet and the other hand facing sides that were slick and eventually dropped away from them so that they were on a cliff.

“Had this happen I thought were on two sides but now there's one side and a cliff to the other." 
“Could it be the land is changing so much?” 
He realized it was not land that was shifting, it was that they had not noticed before, and should have, was that was very dark, much darker here then they had in fact realized. They realized it was darker now and the more cold. So cold that they could feel their toes and fingers in a way that they had not felt them for. It was noon but they were cold. 
“What has happened, it was not so cold before.” 
“I don't know probably magical in nature." 
They looked around and did not see anything amiss in fact they saw nothing by new sky was dark as was the land below them. They could not see for about a mile until the darkness was that. It was as if something was waiting just beneath the surface. As it something giant was stalk above the cloud tops. But nothing was visible yet.

This then was his second pile: a version of Albrecht and the Princess, but she was certain, though not completely so, that this was a version which was not close to the truth, but it had many sections which were. He thought he could sort through them, and determine what was what.
Remember he was Jehanjir, And though a bit weary he still was able to sort things through even if many other faculties were not as good. 

He prayed,  and  meditate.  and then realize that there were still a group of rules,  which  meant that was still asleep.  And  he  was still asleep,  and that he was still dreaming at least one level below that which was awake.  But he needed to find out what each of the other two were up to in their dream below in  there words on the page,  which were still scattered among.  There would still be time to find out where he was dreaming.  Though he looked around,  and indeed saw things were very different.  but he would settle down into viewing this reality,  because he was sure that everything would be different.

But he rapidly made some notes,  just in case things were different.  Instead of stark,  it was lush, Instead of  wide, things were dense,  It was like a forest tropical,  and he drew some very odd shaped leaves.  it was dense in the structure of its leaves,  as if it were millions, hundreds of millions, of years in the past.  the trees were very different,  though he could not describe their shape,  you  or I would have to look up in a book.  what would find is  an era called the Permian,  which was just about ready to enter the Mesozoic,  But was still part of the Paleozoic era,  it will mentioned that the earth was engaged in a vast die  off.  which was something significant,  because it was a connection from that world this.

And that meant something wonderful.  It meant that there was a connection between the real world, and this strange new world,  which had yet to be explained. Jehanjir  new nothing of this,  but made a few sketches,  not noting that if looked far  Above,  he was on a different planet entirely,  He was absorbed in his collected scratchings,  In this form everything was heavy, basically he sat,  not noticing anything but the leaves which were like ginkgo, a plant he had not seen.

For a few became many,  because he knew that something was happening.  Though he did not know what.

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In the USA

we have had Gore Vidal, when needed to be a   success.  now we are attempting a failure in Ian Welsh.

It's good that Gore Vidal renounced  Hitchen at the end. 


So I messed up. It is fixed.

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From Ismael

Warrens of Undercurrent - I

( I'm trying again with this third part of the story.   in it the astrologer is looking forwards as to the best alternative to go by,  so he doesn't know what has actually happened and what will happen,  vs. what may happen or would like to happen.)

The Warrens of Undercurrent
A Powderpunk Faerie Tale in Six Parts
Book III of VI
Seven Sons for Seven Sisters
Stirling Newberry


The Chorus speaks:

In the Clockwork Cosmos, there are seven suns, and seven spheres. Each sun is ruled by a god, and each sphere by a goddess. The spheres do not orbit as they do in a universe with gravity, but are swept by influences in a weave around the suns. At any time, a sphere is in the influence of a single sun, which determines day and night, but the other suns can be seen. The gods and goddesses can, at appropriate conjunctions, join together in human form, and sometimes this results in the birth of a moon.

The gods and goddess can speak to each other, through the ether, and they spend most of their time flirting and dancing, trying to juggle possibilities, so as to have the chance to spend time with their current favorite.

Then, one day, Korana, the almond eyed goddess of Al-Lat, went silent. On Eowilonwey, another sphere, the great astrologer Jehanjir Al-Akbar, one of the greatest of all time, notices this, and calls for help from one of his closest friends, “The Summoner.” They determine to voyage there, and get word out as to what has happened. They gather a company to go on the adventure: Morwethe d'Arliane, a priestess with healing powers, Albrecht Dure, an artist and swordsman, Higar, a giant with a divine maul, and Princess Chang Si-yeona, of the Kingdom of the Jade throne, and a sorceress of no small ability.

The Summoner binds himself to create a magic ship, and they set off by leaping into space. Once there they are beset both by a fleet from Eowilonwey, and a small pack of dragons. They manage to yoke one of the dragons to the ship, and have him pull them to Korana. But there is an important casualty: the princess is imprisoned in a dragon scale, and can only interact by animating a mechanical doll, and Morwethe's healing is lost, because Albrecht's soul interferes with local godlings and gods. They puzzle over the operations of life on the ship, which seems to be off kilter. Also while in space Morwethe's godling hides with them, telling them that a purge of the lesser godlings is in progress, and that “the flies” have been called out.

When they reach Korana find that the planet is encircled by bands of darkness, filled with monsters, and that the bands are a place where death does not function. They manage to navigate the reefs, and plunge down to the surface of Korana. They gather back at the ship. They find that the Summoner is freed from his imprisonment in the ship, which he did intentionally to escape from Eowilonwey and to reach Korana without being detected. The Summoner makes Si-yeona whole again.

However, before they can do anything, the spirit of Death comes, with many of his followers, and demands balance for a soul. Si-yeona plays cards with him, and defeats him utterly. The flies descend on the spirit and unravel him, and a new Death is called. This one, however, is not a spirit – that is a soul that is destined to be born into a mortal, but a godling, and capable of having worshipers and giving divine favor.

So they are on Korana, and have some idea of what is being done, but not why, nor how to stop it.

In the Dogs of War the company squabbles break them apart. Albrecht journeyed outward and encountered the legions of death, the “Blacks.” He discovers that they are composed of both living and dead, and that the influence of Death degrades all around them. He fights at an abandon town, and flees encountering more followers of the Blacks. He hides a uniform and equipment at an old tower and continues until he reaches the sea. There he meets a couple, and they tell him more of the reach of the Blacks, and how the Blacks have taken over many of the towns along the sea. From there Albrecht continued to Ormad. He is captured by the troops of the Pasha, and interrogated by the Pasha and his vizier. The Princess, who the Pasha is courting, intercedes to prevent his execution, and after showing the Pasha that it is dangerous to toy with him, Albrecht is made guard of the Southern quarter, and sets about training the men he has as best possible to mount some kind of resistance.

The Princess left the company by calling a horse, and making for Ormad more directly. She is almost immediately brought to the Pasha, who woos her with entertainments and with his guile, she is impressed, but suspicious. She goes out into the town, obtains a serving girl, and having realized that mirrors are some means for fell influence to enter the city, sets the urchins to break the mirrors, and sets up hospital to tend to the wounded.

Morwethe and Higar journey looking for Higar's maul, and find it, broken, in the center of a small crater. Higar, losing the influence of his god, has lost his massive strength and bulk, and Morwethe is more and more visible as a tall and beautiful woman. There also they find a blind sorcerer who tells them of how, many years before, he was witness to how the shadowlands magic entered Korana, from her moon, Kohepta. He gives them the counter-magic and begs them to finish his burden. They too make their way to Korana and meet with Albrecht, who recruits them to the defense.

Niccolo, Jehanjir, and the Summoner try to lift the ship by means of evacuated spheres, but their attempt fails. Instead they take Gossamer Rainbow to the port of Ormad. Jehanjir realizes that Kohepta, or some other force from her, is reaching through his telescope, and uses counter magic to be drawn himself to the moon, and disappears. Niccolo and the Summoner reach the port and obtain information on the goings on from a hashish den, as well as planning their next moves. They meet the others, and the group agrees to act in concert from now on, having learned that both fell influence, and their own faults have nearly brought them to disaster.

Death's legions attack, and through the special nature of Albrecht's soul, and the Summoner sacrificing his life to unsummon the dead, buy time for the city. However, Death's remaining forces are still strong enough to overwhelm the southern wall. Niccolo and Morwethe take the ship to escape, bringing out refugees. Higar stays to fight in the streets, while Albrecht goes to the citadel of the Pasha to find out what is to be done next. He arrives there to find that the Pasha and Vizier have escaped through a pair of mirrors, and have left the Princes behind to her fate.

The battle is in the city, and Death has won the first day, but is not yet master of The sphere, and especially points out side of the sphere. He rules all of ...

Part I


It was twilight, and not upon the sphere which he walked one last, but it's the moon. Moon that was a mirror distance from its planet. It was much closer than our moon is to us, much closer. It's face face is five times as large. But even more it was dark in a way that it was not for, because face had been shrouded, even though it could be seen it was blotted by vision that it contained. The shadowy face was like a mirror though cloudy and dim, and spreading out until halfway, then and only then were there stars. Leveling his case at the heels. and valleys, he saw a good long ways into the night, casting aside the ages of ash, he saw orbs underneath every tree as far he good see. They were many colors, and different shapes, taking on different shapes and sizes, each one in its own way. He could see no shapes of any beings, or fauna, but he knew they must there meetings here, and there. The flora over was ripe, and decided luscious, as if to say pick me. Each one was, to senses, the perfect orb, glistening in the earth light.

He awoke. And not on the planet which he was thinking of, but on its moon. He stared and saw upwards a whirling mass and in that a deep haze which just barely glimpsed at the planet he had just been standing on. a new he had been transported, though he didn't know how. it could be mechanical, it could be electronic, but it might as well be some force which he knew nothing about. the moon new, and was not telling him what it was. she was sly as well as sullen, filled with an emotional connection that was not reasonable, but it was her way. and do not forget that above all else, it was her. Her, that was mischievous, her that was cunning, her that was none too straight forward about his goals.

And who was he? First and foremost, he was an astrologer. take whatever name you would like, because he had used several, and still he was, at the base of everything, a twirler of planets and suns. Since before he knew anything, he knew that he want the celestial bodies to the at his command, roaring over his fingertips, and seeking out the hidden truths. to explore, and define, that which was in front of him, by looking at the celestial sphere. and expressing the inner harmonies by a deep inner truth. this had been his hill upon which all else revolved. he knew that there were other truths, other valleys to gain admission, and, with time, he saw there advantages, even though he could not partake of them. but still and all, the worship those truths which is discipline had brought.

Looking around where he was, there was little vegetation, just the wind and a poor facsimile of water. mostly there was sand, mostly the natural forces were at play, with one exception: and obelisk. it was not the most massive one he had seen, in truth, not even close. perhaps 30 or 35 feet in height and add its base, eight, or so, feet in length. he used the old measurements, because that is what was used to. meters and centimeters were the latest rage from the younger set of astronomers, but he would have none of it. around the base there were four circles derived with a circumference which began from the core and went out. he knew that they would have to be the same measure, each one of them in different alignments, North, East, West, and South. the radius of each would be the same: exactly as far around as the previous of the obelisk. that meant that the word interlocking, each with its own pathway, and that up was the obelisk itself. that however meant that down would also be a direction, a direction that he could sense.

It would take some explaining why there was two, not one, vertical circle. because it wasn't apparent to the naked eye, but only in the explanation of form derived from Almagest of the great astronomy text, whose name best was translated as Ptomelpmes. he said a period of half truths and quandaries, and left the field with one book. and it would be studied in his wake. but even he could appeal the better cold, because the sun which set around this was cold, bitter cold because of the dust in space. which dimmed it. and he knew that on like a planet, which has an inner warmth that you could feel, their was none for the moon. it was black and extinct, though he suspected there would be beings trying to set up such a light. but for now, there was only one sun.

He would not notice what you and I would notice: the landscape looked like the Nile. and below in the could see richness which would suggest Flora even though it was invisible. but out and up over here, there was a barrenness, which would suggest the upper Nile rather than the lower Nile. he was 2000 the above the cataract which what supply water, and since it was a moon, it would rapidly give way to a thinness of atmosphere. at his level, everything was sand or sandstone, for their were many peaks at the same level. but looking around, he saw only the obelisk was man-made, a rather, it could be man or goddess that made it.

The peaks were rapidly going to dust, for the moon was new, and the revolution would be short indeed. He would guess only six hours, certainly no more. Remembering how old he was, the head once made measurements with the great Ptolemy, to measure how long the sunrise was on some younger moon, even then the astronomer was quite distant, but he noted that the amplitudes on the stick measures were the same as the great measures, suggesting there was some connection that they did not yet know. In time, it was his discovery that there was indeed a connection. He was proud of this fact.

So he settled in for a quick nap, they be the only ones he could have while on this moon, and reviewed all of the things he'd seen. This was many and a very kinds, but they all took the signs of the planets, because that is the way he measured everything. So he drifted to sleep, with a minds eye wear exactly he was, and just for an instant he saw what could be a connection between the obelisk and the total circle of the planet. It was not obvious to you or I, but imagine a pair of astronomers comparing notes, and compared notes discovery that the sun was exactly on the equator, for indeed it was.

You or I would not find this beautiful, but for an astronomer, it was, so very beautiful indeed. And then he knew he had to go down into the valley, and see what was there, because he rather suspected that there would be life, life from another planet, and probably advanced life. This should not have been, of course, but he suspect something: there was a great deal of unnatural about this building, not just the obelisk.

As he began to sleep, he started to drift in and out of consciousness. And tell finally he did not really know where he was, but he knew he was asleep. The sky was purple and hazy with light. The earth was the same as it was when he went to sleep, but all of the colors were different. The main color was chartreuse with a bit of wisps of amaranth and amber colluding for emphasis, and now and again some bronze and turquoise which gradually held fast in the night air. He was stressed in cadmium, which was not a color he would normally have worn, though must have admitted that he wore extreme colors of other persuasions.

Then he looked at the pages, and saw neat clear writing, which was his own. But he never engaged in writing such words that were on the paper. He engrossed himself with trying to read them, and it was a story which had some reminiscences of his current tale. However, it bore no resemblance to what he had been doing.

He picked up the pages and set them in order, as best it could at any rate, trying to make sense of this story. It was at least an hour, which was a third of the time was allotted, the night being very short on this moon. He then began, In crumpled characters which were hard to read but were nonetheless legible:

It was the great dawn of the great ship - the line was very clean, and the ship looked as new. And there were only two passengers on board all, of the others were offloaded. The crew was also two as well: Morwethe and Niccolo. They were quiet a pair: secrets from each other, and from the outside world. Niccolo mulled over what he would tell his companions, and decided it would be nothing as yet, though it might be soon if circumstances were right. M however was not going to tell her companion anything if she could at all help it. She had deeper, darker, secrets to maintain, but they could be obliterated with the signals that were locked away inside. There were more than just men, men and gods. And not all of the monster seemed like they were. The was Morwethe , who was not who she apparent to be. But she would never say so, there was time to master the details if came to that, but she have consider it, and plan for it. She looked over at Niccolo, and wonder if he though his secrets were as important as hers were. Quite probably not so, people only dreamed of their problems as important as other people, only to find out, it was not so. But who knew exactly? He could have could have secrets which were as important as hers. But wasn't likely. 
Niccolo was thinking about is secrets only partly. Mainly, however, he looked to the sky, and prayed that it was really that cold day, a rather normal one. He wished it to be cold, because then Death would have something else to worry about. This was because the to worried about an extreme of cold for worse than his own, where other creatures lurk that scared even it. There were creatures far worse than Death was. There were glimpses that revealed secrets that he didn't want to know, but that was not the way it was going to be. 
Thus he looked out and said to himself: we would see which the day was to become. But the day that was coming seemed to hold its cards close to the chest.

They in rang the bones, of all who stood in its path. Biting the wind, called it cold, the frost came from deep within, joined with the cold weather, to form a mist. It formed many timings of single day, because time worked differently here in - because time was conscious, and made up its own mind as to whether or not “time” would work the same way that the clock to. It was difficult, to describe the moment where view particular things were done, and were many things happened. It was almost as if people got up on one day, and said this is the day that I will do something different. And that they did. And what terrible things they thought about! Whereas before they thought about nothing more than what was for bread, they now thought about things that were horrible in aspect. The thought of now about how to kill, or how not to kill. How to plant, and not how to plant. How to decide what to kill, and not how to sew. Is as if a knife plunged in the to the guts of the world, Spelling out the guts of the world. And at the same time decided not, that there was some kind of order that was ordained. Even the color of the leaves was different. 
This time, it was as if was tint to delicate color of everything was brown, whereas before it was held many different colors. Even brown takes on many different hues, and tinctures, becoming a many faceted sheen that can only be described by someone who has the deepest shade in their eyes to begin with. Many people see only brown, and not all of the colors that brown contains. Consider that sienna alone is a welter of colors, and that only describes one aspect at a time. In this case the brown was mixed with a green and yellow tint, as if to say that it was coming up from the earth and mixed with something akin to the foliage around it

Niccolo looked off the ground, and spoke:
“I think it best if we were to get get out of this place, and never return to return to it again.” He looked down and saw the best he could of the gaps that issued from his sleeves and down the back of will he he he he he he in his torso. Then he wriggled and put his tunic on correctly, having worn it in a loose fashion unbecoming is normal crispness, as was his want. 
“I don't know how to dive. Do you?” she was annoyed at his line of questioning, and wanted him to get on with what she thought was his real line of questioning. But that isn't the way it is mind worked. Instead he answered the question which she had actually asked, with no pretenses at all, just a straight level conversation. 
“I don't.” He did not mean it lightly. Some years ago there was a mutiny, and he and four others were trapped on the mainsail. It would have been ghastly had a few of the men were trapped of forsail just at that moment careened and mopped up the ship, because the men were getting drunk. It was a terrible mess, and proper niceties would have done in before taking a rest. Fortunately, these were not top of the line. Then there was a wild mess, as the remaining crew, who were held up below came streaming out and dispatched a dozen mutineers, and rapidly one might add. Niccolo tilted his gaze at the memory of that encounter. 
Down the slot of her dress, there was an aching that stood out, and distance itself from mere aches and pains. She soothed it, but new it to be bad. It was the first warning that she was pregnant. A myriad of aches and pains would show themselves in due course. It was the first of a long list. 
“You must take care about that.” he noted.

She ran her hand along side of her hair, as if to say it was a plumy main that she did not notice at all, but delighted in showing other people. “What do you mean?” 
“You know what I mean. Flourish that some place else, why don't you?” 
“I'm afraid I don't.” The vernacular of her voice dispelled any notion that she was doing anything more than that. But again that flourish remained intact, belying it, rubbing in.
He stared at her, and looked. “You don't fool me, or at least not the me that has been fooled by you, the that has traveled with you this far.” Thus far, he had avoided fumbling with the tobacco nonsense which he carried on his person, but rarely ever used. It was a minor victory, of sorts. But then he fumbled with, as it so he would not create that noticeable stink, that was someone who had just smoked a little while ago, and could not erase the sense. So he put it back, so as to firmly make no further fuss with it, then finally he put it back in his pocket, destined to not smoke today.

“Is that that obvious?” She meant of course, her not him, though it took a moment for him to realize that, but he did, so not without giving a glance. Giving him a look of feigned innocence, was not an option. But he did a double take, because in his mind's eye there was a cigarette in his mouth, even though there wasn't one. It was sort of thing that happened when the mouth wants a secure and orders up hands to deliver one, but the hands do not comply. It was an odd moment for both of them. 
“It is to me.” He shook off the cigarette from his minds eye, and as well the pipe - he pretended not to use the cigarette at all. In fact, the cigarette came from only one place, and alone of all the companions, and he was sure this, he knew that up under the when the exact planet and the exact star were lined, could they be gotten. Though the secret was hidden, that a secret was displayed upon his face. 
“I would hoped that it was less obvious. But it's not, is it?” Again this was not the inner dialogue, but the outer dialogue, even though the two were touching at a point. He wondered if she was reading what he was thinking. In fact she was, and it was hard to tell the difference, she in fact wondered if her inner dialogue was reading in her eyes, because that would give away what she was thinking. So there was a pause as each person swept up what they did not want the other person to know. Pause taking to and abrupt and as each one of them made conversation thick with innuendo, and each one of them hoped that the other would not notice. Which they did and they didn't, because each one of them suspected, but not confirmed.

“No it's not.” He picked out a wooden nail from clean his clenched teeth. Again the to dialogues were touching, again.

“Why is that so, I wonder.” She, unlike Niccolo, formed a thick fog of irrationality, which was her way of losing her way, so that she could not be followed. And it worked, because Niccolo was not sure what he felt, and he was not sure what she was trying to hide. The pause was inner directed not outer directed, but inner. Result was, each one was not sure of what they had noticed, but each one of them was sure that they had noticed something.

“Do you think it's so easy?”

“I suppose not." 
Around them were several people who were not going to make it through the night. She did what she could to help them and then spoke to him. 
“What is your plan now.”

“I'm going to take the ship down beneath this.” 
“I don't understand. What good will that do." 
“We have to bring the ship below the horizon.” 
“But the direction is back that away.” 
“If we were going with the throng, yes." 
“But you have a different plan.” 
“Yes I do. It involves taking ourselves the very long way round. And exiting through the backdoor. You see, the top is for entering, but the bottom is for exiting." 
“I do not understand.” 
He stooped, and you picked up an orange peel. “Imagine this is as an orange, and around it is the globe. And imagine this as the orange peel directed inwards. If this site goes in where does it all come out.” 
She looked at it and understood. “I thought it was at the below point.” 
“She has only one, not two.” He gesture at it. 
“So where does it come out?”

“It goes up and in.”

“Isn't that the long way round?” 
“Yes. But it won't be as hazardous.” 
“It seems quite a long way to go.” 
“It is, and it's not. Because guarding doorway is hard.”

“And you will have a plan?" 
“Yes I do, and it will take more than to have to do something about it.”

“I don't understand...” 
“The lower world is not easy, and we are going to take everything we can, to make sure we go through and no one else will." 
“And is still better.” 
“We shall surely see." 
At this point he stood, and took a look around. He noticed a small object, nearest his foot. He stepped and picked it up, looking at it, in with a end with a role in his eyes. He put it in the pocket and closed it. And glanced at the floor, to see if anything else, was amiss. Looked through the porticos. In the event correlations to see if there was anything else amiss as well. He didn't see anything amiss in other place but he could not help thinking there was something that he was overlooking. Then all of a sudden, he was punched in the face.

He was on his back and saw a large figure that was unrolling another punch at his face. If he was astonished at this he did not show it, but instead rolled over on his back and launched up on to his feet, and booted his right foot and slept it out to grab his left foot. With this ready he stood up and began to wedge until he got a foot in the door step. Then he grabbed his way up and wrapped around the base until he was gripping around the torso. This way he was nose-to-nose, and his body halfway up the torso. 
While his torso grabbed the left arm is right-hand was not, and with it his opponent hit him once. But only once. First, he continued upwards and so he was above and is opponent was sinking down, then he grabbed on for dear life. Gradually, gradually he was top, and looking down at his opponent. Order was brought out of chaos, with him gripping and the lifeless body splayed out beneath him. 
“Why you did you do that?” 
Instead of reacting, he gushed, but did not not reply. Then the life stopped. 
He stood, and took a look at how had missed. He saw that he had dropped down into a tangled thicket which was just a little bit to far to the left to see him. But how did he know when to react? He obviously had a plan. And he'd obviously waited for some time to do what he did. Which meant that there were others. 
“Watch out there may be others.” 
She look off at him as if he were crazy, he realized that he was sneaked up on, from behind. 
Then he turned around, to see what was the matter. He saw something that indicated in the magic was going on, a form which was out of the basement with only the top part showing. It was human enough but not entirely so. He realized was apparition something that was from the evil empire. It was apparent that their ship had been found. He is struck and struck by the time to more merged them into more and then two more, first that heads, than the torsos, and finally the legs; a tangle of all sinew and bone. He struck at the first two and realized they were lifeless, and wayless. There was something about them which was not right but he did not know what it was. 
Niccolo stood there and watch, doing nothing except staring forward. He realized there was something on inside of her mind. 
He charged at the four remaining ones and dispatch from rather quickly but he knew that there was something odd going on and that, it would appear very shortly. He crouched and moved the blade. from hand-to-hand. 
“Who is it? What do you want? I'm waiting for you.” 
It was not a long silence, before a loud crash echoed from the behind his distance. He stood up in turned around on his heels. He did not expect to see what he saw - and he did not believe it at first, but it was true – a form rose up out of the distance, from beneath the blocks, shimmering in the light and yet made more real, by its tangibility. Its sinew shell enwrapped and engorged gleaming in the light. Gradually it is assumed a form that was bending, and waxen, and bleeding. At first it was a kind of pattern, until it assumed a shape, a kind of ghost shaped vision, that enraptured a newness about it. Then peeled apart until it masked sinister presence that was no longer a form, but a real tactile physical apparition. It been field its way off the floor and stood up to them all the while standing. It was lovely though dark and malevolent, a seeping picture of death, human in shape but standing 10 feet tall. 
It spoke: “I want you to beg, and bleed.. 
It had the face of a long and lustrous sinew of flesh, a woman who knew quite a good more than was good for any listening to her voice. 
It's speaking was evocative but it still did not seem right, this vision of loveliness, which was standing here as though it was always here even though it was not. 
“What are you?" 
Raise a grimacing pall, though thinking about it he realized that was fraught with contradiction - paw – grimaced – pall – were all loaded words, each capable of bearing many codewords. For example, the head was covered over, meaning that it could be young or old, but he felt that old, the overall what reason he didn't not know. 
“What you do want?” 
Again grimaced and moved the left arm, raising it to Morwethe show a hand. It was closed, and then opened to show a white flower with white feathers, branching into yellow leaves that hung down branches. 
Morwethe came forward collapsed her hand over her head, and released it. To hands collapsed over its head, and revealed a face. Rather than old it was young, though it seemed old still, perhaps because it was gaunt everywhere. Its hair was golden, perhaps white, and sparkled or glistened. Its shoulders hung loosely as if they were painted, rather than hung, there. It was very thin and its rooms had blackened in the intervening minutes of time. 
“A gift for you, who doomed.” 
Niccolo strained up and said, “Are you friend, or are you foe?" 
“I am neither, you may count me hostile in this instance.” Death did not make any move, or any options." 
Niccolo replied “How nice of you to say so.” His raper was out, but not moving.

Morwethe interjected - “What do you want with us?” 
“Since that slaughter minions, nothing.” Again nothing on it's face. This was beginning to be a habit, and more than a habit. 
Niccolo realized that he had made a blunder. There is nothing into, just, to be done on 
“Then why not go?”

“I can, or not, can forced me to.” There was no smirk, and this time it registered as something that was missing. He did not know what it was, but he knew it was something. Though he did not know what was, but it was bothering him none the less. 
“No, of course not.” Not wishing to force the matter was, of course, better for him. 
“Than I can stay if I want on,” he just stood around, “the good ship, Gossamer.”

This gave a clue, that he knew about the ship, and the plan, or something like it. And if it was not living, it could rebound whenever it wanted to inhabit this particular body.

“We could make it rather unpleasant for you to stay.” That was M, and she didn't like him at all, not in the least tiny little bit.

“Could you know, would you like, to make a bet, on that.” There was something odd about addiction that made seeing like he was controlling it from along way away. N noted this, though he wouldn't yet that it was so. 
It stepped backwards, but it would not allow a trace of anger, or anything else. It could see her face, which she, shook in response to its gesture. 
“Yes, I do think so.” Niccolo nodded his head, and gathered his thoughts about him. Then he dove at it legs where there is water pouring in from the side, and flooded out the ship near the ground. 
With this figure made a gesture, and vanished. Not wanting to play anymore. 
Morwethe replied “That was costly. To do you have an excuse?” She was trying to keep her balance and distance. 
Niccolo looked down inside. “No. I don't. What is more, I need to find the some way of excusing myself. And was that thing any way.” 
She nodded. “I do not know. That is good a least.”

“Do we know who that was?” 
“I do not, but I would guess it's a simulacrum, which Death uses to project things. Did you notice that it had no consciousness, except at the very end?” 
“I did know, in fact.” He looked downwards and ahead as stepped down the stairs, wanting his way up to draw land. Their was slippage, and the way forward was both treacherous, and in places there were holes, down to the next level. Each one was above the one below it. It made it harder to decide which way was up, and which way was down. “Than I suggest we get going.” 
She noted and said “What's this about taking the long way? 
“That's not exactly the way I think about it.” He his way through the debris that they both stood in. 
“What you mean?” 
“A more exact way is to say regarding the shorter distance according to the calculations.” 
“I don't understand.” 
Rested on his haunches built off a bit of bark from the floor. 
N the weight under the surface goes through many layers. “That means to go round on the circumference takes time instead I'm going to go through the exiting layer which will go straight up through this way. will” He drew from the top bottom this way we will only descend once” 
He drew the next ceiling orbit. 
Morwethe study this notice stood that the way down traced through many different spheres. “Down pushed through many different spheres pushed through only one.” he explained with undue assurance to his task. It was almost diffident that his modulation was quiet. 
“How does this work?” 
“The sphere is large at the in take, but for small to the out flow end.” He rose “We have a to get going.” 
She nodded. 
For below the wind rose through the cracks. He pointed to that and said: “That's it.”
She looked out, finally.

Niccolo took the wheel and turned the it around. The maw gazed into a dark place, it expanded and so made the surrounding sphere more than just an illusion. With seemed as a pinprick became a stream that surrounded them. Morwethe was frightened but she got over it. Was calm and serene he knew what it was doing.

“You've done this before?” 
“Yes, I have.”

“How? How can you be so certain?” 
“Because, every one has secrets, I will not answer that.” 
“You are hard to get along with, you that?” 
“Yes. I know that quiet well.” His face grimaced with a tight lipped determination, which showed an eternal tension. It was clear that he was now all in the moment, watching everything around him and deciding what he would respond to. There were bubbles as if to guide the ship, Niccolo dodged around them. Besides were slick but grooved and very smooth the color of blue state though many colors were present. Every moment she stood in front of the captain and drink in the beauty of what they were doing. Ship turned and turned and it was then moving almost vertical . It spun as if it were moving with a mind of its own. 
“That should keep us at a distance.”

“How far is it?” 
“Don't worry, I will keep track of such things.”

“We need more trust among us.” Since every word had been warmed over by, how shall we put it, not the very best of intentions, that was an understatement.
He thought and a nod, a bitter nod. 
“Two hours more or less.” Though it may be on the later side of two hours, if truth be allowed to speak it name. Very long to hours, in fact. 
“And then we want?” The question actually was in half quandary, and half matter of fact, sort of half just, half serious, way of putting things. 
“Then we need to, arrive to the river.” Came the reply. 
“The river?” she was confused, how did you ever come in to play? She thought she knew what river was, a more vomited pool then anything else, though she thought of a river that was totally different in her mind, that stuck in her mind eye, at just that moment. 
“Well more a fetid, pool with dark things.” He, too, thought of a distant river, but broad and narrow. Each one of them was different from each other, as each one was different from the actual purgatory mess which was stinking to both of their noses. A whiff of which would have knocked out half of the valley, if it came to that. What was that smell, anyway? It was not plant, or animal. This made it very strange indeed, and that created a memory in her mind that would be triggered in times due course. 
“And that will be dropping off point for us both?” Her mind was once again back to practical matters, such as when they would know the exact point that they had to reach

“I think we will both know. Yes, I think so. We will flip over, when our heads are beneath the water, and are legs will be in the air. That will the time that we will jump out of the water.” he sounded sure of himself on this point. 
“What do you mean 'I think.'” she was trying to envision this at all, but remember unlike you or I, it was not such a jump to make. People in this universe thought nothing of it, as Dante had the nothing of it, and he never experienced such a change, and people in this universe had. 
“I think the pool will have details has to what has been going on on this planet.”
She noted that. Then she nodded, forcing her neck to give assent, though actually she was not quite sure that this was true. “And then what?" 
“Then we will see what can see.” And at this point nodded slidely. 
“That's the plan?” She wanted some plan that they both could knew about, but she had a ghastly feeling she was not going to get one. She was right, because N believed if everything seemed to work out in his head, then a few more details wouldn't change anything. And if it did change anything, he would be dead anyway, so what was the use, being unlucky was being unlike. This would have confused her new end. Even logic of it would not make sense to her, but it did to him, though he would think the better of it if he tried. 
“No, but it a near arrival plan.” 
“So, are you making this up as you go along?” 
“I didn't expect to be in charge of this.” 
“Why do you expect that being behind?”

“Because I saw something.” 
“It would be nice if you told somebody.” 
“As being secretive, now I'm not being so.” 
“I understand, are there more secrets?” 
“There many secrets, some of them hidden. But I'm all other secrets, now because I provided ship.” He proclaimed mysteriously. But Morwethe nodded. She knew exactly what he was saying, and what was thinking. There was a bond between them was interlinked, something which could not be captured. He was trying to say that there was mysterious force driving him forward, not inside of himself, but outside. And he was just the instrument of its will. He looked in to her face. 
“Done a lot for this, is getting around half the crew annihilated. It is not something inside me, but it overwhelms me.” 
“I know, what did I have do, to deserve this? We are much like. 
He just nodded. 
“You could gather a new crew.” 
“Where would we find this new group?” 
“I imagine we would find other people.” 
“They would be hostile I think.” 
“What do you suggest?” 
“I think we could find a crew going the same way we came in.” 
She nodded. 
“But you still have any reason to believe you know what is going on and I think you should suggest this earlier.” 
This time it was his turn to nod. 
“I had to get rid of the people because I felt they were not rational.” 
She nodded. 
“Your very sure of yourself.” 
“I am? No contrition is more like.” 
“Here some chances, his, that we found?" 
“Yes, there's some chance, or we found by the people.”

“That some comfort at least.” 
“Yes, I think it is.” 
“Even though the ship was mostly vertical acre on the edges, is straight and thought,as if it were of mind of its own." 
Peering up in two the sails Morwethe noticed this.

“Do you think it's possible that position has a consciousness of its own, and that something may come of that?” 
“It's possible, I don't know, I have so, do no know.” 
At this moment the wings soared and strutted about, wrinkling into the distance. There was no discrete sense of time or material, that drove this instead it seemed, as if coming from the wing beat itself. Morwethe and Niccolo both noticed this. They saw the ship moving around its course staying close to its pattern but knowing that it was doing something strange. The wider stance had meant something unusual was taking place, Niccolo grabbed the rudder as well as the wheel. 
“I don't know what this means, but it's clear that is doing something, hold on.”

Even as as he said it, the mast instead of ripping off closed and the ship moved at a great distance. It was forceful, and to brittle to stand, she tangled herself up in the ship mast, while he churned him self of in the rigging. It burned, charring. How different it was from space, where it lifeless – here it brim with boundless energy, a cauldron of life and death. He saw broken ships, tattered from shards of metal and stone, themselves from bits of ships. He stood redirecting the vessel towards empty space and away from nearby holds of gray matter. 
He looped and geared into space, standing even though he was moving at right angles to the ground. Morwethe climbed up from out of her dismal crotch, and righted herself. She could see clearly the chunks of rock were more plentiful as they got deeper. She understood that most of them were themselves were once upon a time shelves of matter once from ships. These ranged in size from bits and pieces to large such as the deck. One such piece was fitted straight for them and veered away from them. She ducked but he did not taking a wide berth to a seaman but not to a land lover. There were many collisions which were not so but each one ratchet up the tension. He kept the ship on an even keel but for the swerves though you could see that he was also nervous. 
As the ship careened it also plummeted and made squeaky noises which came from below the ship. These were noises that came bubbling up through the woodwork and were not caused by squeaking. It was as if the noises were coming from something that was animating and driving the ship itself. It was though they were riding atop and being dragged along with only some input as to its motion. 
Then at first small and then larger there was one object which was not a ship but something else. It was large and round as if it stood in the way between the through the rim-lines and plumbing on to the most middle pattern. As they got closer they could see that it was a meteorite almost as large as the entire whole which they were coming through. So large was it that it seemed to large to take a way a round it. While it was loose it still had projections and loose swirls of rock. 
The boat rocked and it was clear to Morwethe that her companion was struggling with the wheel. He looked as if he was gripped by haranguing forces which were coming out. 
A hard sharp edge was impeding their escape route though it was obvious that this was not his choice instead it flowed from below as if the ball was waging a perpetual clash against their will. It was clear it was going to be closed. Morwethe stood atop her pointed shoes and gassed it was half the sky and looming larger. The ship loomed larger and threatened to consume them where as a top the moon looming larger. 
Then the whole alignment was changed and the moon climbed out and it was like the moon and precipice were one and the same thing and the were trying to skate in. 
Then there was air as if fallen away from the moon and he danced over and above both the moon and the last bit of precipice from the side of the cliff. 
“That was close...” it was Morwethe voice, it was clear that she was rattled. 
Not a word was spoken by her. She looked up at him, and decided the situation was close, it was not desperate.

From there on in no chunks of rock intervened, nor had any ships made it through.
“That's why they are our ships.” He mentioned. 
“They were not by the ball.” 
Exactly it swallowed them up whole. 
There is something exact about how you know your on the right vessel.
“It seems as if we have gotten past the ball.” Exclaimed to no one in particular. 
She was holding on to the scuttle, but even as he was all right with the deck at the vertical angle. 
Then she noted something that was unusual, she could not see what it was. 
“What's the height?” 
“I checking something.” 
“No but it's on the other side of this knothole.” 
Again, as the vessel moved down towards it, it was clear it was the size of a ship though nothing like it from its aspect, instead it was a single aspect, and coming towards them it had a large aspect, and it was smooth as if built that way. It turned around, and was long the same path, so it was going down, at about half way. It was limp in its aspect, and it seemed round, as if it was something resembling a ship, but not in any respective like a ship. They had not known what it was, but someone from Earth would tell you it was a blimp, or a zeppelin. Thus it was a ship. 
“What is that?” 
“I don't know, but whatever it is, were going to bump into it sooner or later.” 
Since getting around the moon, they had been lazily been looping around the about six times or so the diameter of the sphere. It was a lazy pace next to the brick next speed which had dominated the initial pace of their dissent. But that was half again as fast as they were going compared to blimp. Indeed the blimp was lazily turning half again as much as they were. They could see symbols as well as bumps in the groove when they got close to it then they would go to the opposite side of for closing again. They bested again and saw widths of smoke coming from the back of the plane and suddenly they realized it was powered. 
It looks like something strange is going on. 
“It's like an engine, scooping, as if it was doing something strange.” He said.
“And engine. Yes, that make sense.” 
“Maybe, at as something to do with, the moon just above it.” 
“I believe you're right.” 
“It was a speculation, not a certainty." 
“You're right to look at that.”

He pointed to something thin and light. It was a pipe spinning around a half twist around. Beyond that they could see a very thin pipe that extended all the way to the moon. 
“That controls the moon.” 
Instead of seeing the moon and the ship as separate objects, they began to realize the ship was controlling not just the course, but the speed of the moon, and that they were being approached as quickly as possible by the ship. It was a creepy feeling but it was justified by the eerie behavior of ship, which was odd in that it was completely smooth with no motion whatsoever. Also odd was it shape and form, unified in hue to gray coloration. 
“I think it's going to swallows up.” Niccolo said. 
This was about halfway but seemed as if the ship had honed in on themselves and they were incapable of stopping it. 
“Would we going to do anything.” 
“I can't think of what would you do other than making the joining easier.”
Morwethe nodded. 
During the last half circuit and made sure they were on track and Morwethe took down the sales. 
Then they noticed in large opening coming from the front it meant that instead of one opening there were three each one one third of the way around and then they were inside and it was indeed truly dark as the dampness closed in and And then the three closed in on themselves. 
They could smell something which was not metal or wood but something else. It was something entirely different and they knew it was glass. It was smooth and contained though what this meant was not clear.

One thing was certain. 
They knew that they were not alone. 
He set down the paper and made marginal notations, it seemed he was scry this as Niccolo and more 
Morwethe were going down, but he did not know whether they were truly going down, or was imagining, or it was one possibility of many.

He also looked at the pages, and realized there were many piles unsorted, though he saw he knew which ones to go through next. Probably. He thought.  He knew  that parts of this were not valid,  and in places,  it was guessing on his part.  for example letters rather than words identifying the characters,  was probably not valid.  but he,  in his dream,  sorted the papers.

 But do remember,  all that he was doing was reading while in a dream.